Joshua’s Heart

March 3, 2010

We had an appointment today with the pediatric cardiologist today and got some more info.  It seems that everyone was right in that he has a defect called Atrioventricular Septal Defect.  I will add some images of Joshua’s heart to show you all what they are talking about later.  The doctor said that he was pleased with the overall structure of the heart and that there was enough tissue to do a repair.  He stated that the surgery would probably have to take place between 3-6 months of age and that there is an overall 98-99% success rate.  The problem is that it is still open heart surgery which is never a good thing.  He did notice that the aorta coming out of the heart looked a bit like it was possibly pinched, something that is called coarctation of the aorta.  He did say that it could possibly be from the heart being shifted due to the diaphragmatic hernia though and that they won’t be able to tell until after birth.  This would again require surgery where they take the bad piece of the aorta out and sow the vein back up.  I guess we will have to wait and see like everything else in our lives right now.  God is definitely teaching us patience right now but sometimes I feel like my head will explode if I have to wait much longer for all this info.

Still no word on the MRI that was done on monday.  I will let you all know when I know.

We have an appointment with the neonatologist at Presbyterian tomorrow.  This appointment is almost useless in that we will not be delivering Joshua there anyway since they do not have the adequate experience or equipment to help him.  The only place in NM is at UNM and we are not sure that they are even going to be able to help him due to his many defects.  Please keep praying for us to give us strength to get through this, to keep us patient, and to give us the wisdom to make the best decisions we can for Joshua.  Most importantly, please pray for Joshua as he is the one that will suffer through this.  Please pray for a miracle of healing first and foremost, then if no healing, for Joshua to be able to make it through this and finally for God’s Will in all of this.  Thank you guys for the much needed support and prayer.  It is awesome to know that there are so many people there for us.


3 Responses to “Joshua’s Heart”

  1. Mary Campbell said

    I am glad to hear that the heart is repairable. I just pray that God will do a miraculous healing on our sweet Joshua; but foremost I pray that God’s will be done. I also pray that God will give us the patience we need along with comfort and peace during this time. I love you all so much.

    Mom/Mama Mary/Nene

  2. Nicolle said

    Fight Joshua fight!! I Know how hard the wait is, thinking of you and your sweet Joshua!

  3. Tracy Meats said

    Praying for Joshua! Continue to stay strong for your son and have faith he will come out fighting!! This is the most difficult journey, full of ups and downs…cherish every moment you have with your son.

    Tracy Meats, Ian’s mom from CHERUBS

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