March 17, 2010

So it looks like we will be visiting the Fetal Care Center at Cincinnati in the next couple weeks.  I talked with a specialist there today and she is going to obtain all of our records of this pregnancy and from there will schedule an appointment.  We are going to be visiting for a full-blown consultation which means more ultrasounds, a fetal echocardiograph (ultrasound for the heart) and a fetal MRI.  This will give them everything that they are looking for to give us a strategy for Joshua’s care.  The person I talked to gave me a timeline of when everything will basically go down as well.  This is going to happen fast as Kelli is at 28 4/7 weeks.

1-2 weeks we will be going for the consultation

At 34 weeks, they will want to do another checkup (not sure if we would have to go back or they can have our local specialist do the checkup)

Relocate to Cincinnati at 36 – 37 weeks

Deliver at 38 – 39 weeks

She also stated that we will most likely be there for 3 – 6 months while Joshua recovers before we can take him “home.”

The person is going to call back tomorrow with more firm dates and I will update you guys when I hear.

Looks like we will be in it for the long haul.  It’s crazy because we just moved from Southern CA to NM 6 months ago and now we are relocating again.  We are still trying to get our feet on the ground and have no place to really call home that is ours.  I guess in these circumstances, it is a blessing.  Less issues to work out I guess.  Everything has been so up in the air with us well before Kelli got pregnant.  The unknown just keeps coming at us with full force.  I can’t wait for that one day where we can feel like we have a home again and to settle back into a routine.  I mean, even if Joshua was totally perfect, we still have no place to bring him home to.  As a husband, it breaks my heart that I have not been able to provide Kelli with the means to do her nesting for little Joshua.  As a father, it breaks my heart that I have no “home” for him to come to.  This has been one of the most difficult parts of this whole “adventure”, aside from the fact that poor Joshua has all these problems.  I just don’t know what to think anymore.  So I focus on the little goals ahead of us.  The first one being getting Kelli and Joshua the care they will both need in order for them to both be healthy.  Then when we get to the stage where we can bring Joshua home, I will worry about getting us that “home” that we all have been missing so badly since we moved out of our apartment in So Cal in November of 08.  Sorry for the little rant there.  This stuff just weighs so heavily on me.  I hate that this will keep happening to families because it is one of the worst things to go through in life.  Only they truly understand the pain, heartache and sacrifice.  Anyway, sorry…Thank you guys for showing your support.  We haven’t even hit the hard stuff yet so I don’t know why I’m complaining haha.  The hard part will be seeing Joshua with all the tubes in him with the incisions and the stitches and not being able to hold him like every parent wants to do.  Please continue to pray.


4 Responses to “Cincinnati”

  1. Mary Campbell said

    Oh I pray all the time for all you. I know how hard this is as I am with you on this all the way. I too am blessed to be able to be there for you through all of this. For that I am so grateful to God. I wouldn’t want to be any where else. I love all of you and I trust that God will see us through everything that we must face along the way. I pray also that one day we will be able to hold our little Joshua and love him. As for that home you long to provide, I pray that the Lord will provide that home at just the right time. I love you so much.

  2. Crystal Benitez said

    You are doing an awesome job. You have an amazing amount of stress with not having a “home” and the crazy worrying, I’m sure you have, about your wife and baby. It is not easy but keep your head up it will all fall in to place. The fact that you are there loving and caring and trying so hard to provide for your wife and baby is all going to be enough you’ll see. You and your family are in my prayers!

  3. Kristy said

    Your amazing for writing! For doing the talking and the explaining that I am sure Keli would not be able to do right now. I remember how amazing my husband was when our son passed away. He answered all the calls….all the hard questions…everything. Please don’t be so hard on yourself for not having ” a home” as you call it. Keli and Joshua’s home is with you! Wherever you all are is home. Sending you love and hugs….

  4. nicolle said

    ((HUGS)) Thinking of you guys, stay strong, but lean on each other. I know you want the home, it will come- focus on that fighter of a baby boy!!

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