Hospital Stay

March 20, 2010

We are still in the hospital.  Kelli’s leakage is very small or even has stopped at this point which is good.  Our specialist came to the hospital and did an ultrasound which showed normal amniotic fluid level as well as the rupture to be very small and looks like it is healing up.  She stated that Kelli will stay in the hospital through the weekend and if she is not leaking and shows no signs of labor, they will discharge her on monday.  Also, Cincinnati is out of the question for this week at least.  Instead, the specialist and Cincinnati will come up with a better plan that involves us only going out there once and staying instead of going there for a consult, coming back and then going out there for our stay.  It looks like they will want us to be out there possibly as soon as 32 to 34 weeks.  Kelli right now is 29 1/7 weeks so that is insanely close.  Also, the doctors will talk and possibly arrange a hospital-to-hospital medical transport instead of putting Kelli on a commercial flight.

Anyway, like always we have no idea what is going to happen or how it will all happen.  Once the bag of waters is ruptured, there is a much higher chance of delivering preterm.  Not sure if that applies to resealed bags or not but that is what the doctors have told us.  If Joshua decides to come before 32-34 weeks, his chances of survival are zero so he has to stick it out in there as long as possible.  At UNM, the doctors have said that if he is born before 36 weeks here, there is almost no chance of survival.  So, needless to say, we need Kelli to heal up and make it to Cinci for Joshua to stand a chance and fight this stuff.

Thanks to all those that have visited us at the hospital so far.  It has been very nice to have some company while staying in this place.  It is funny because although it is good to be here for the doctors to keep a close eye on Kelli, we aren’t able to get any sleep with nurses and doctors coming into our room at all hours.  The nurses here are doing a fantastic job of taking care of her however and it has made this whole process easier knowing there are some great nurses here that love what they do!

We got to wheel Kelli out in a wheelchair yesterday to the lobby to see Matthew as well!  That was awesome because the hardest part of all this is that Kelli misses Matthew something terrible!  The nurses were kind enough to allow this and it was just what the “doctor” ordered for Kelli.

Anyway, as we know more, I will update the blog.  Please continue to pray…


2 Responses to “Hospital Stay”

  1. nicolle said

    Glad that she is not leaking, many prayers that Joshua keeps on cooking!!

  2. Loretta Lamb said

    Glad to hear that you were able to visit with Matthew! Yay! We’re in Needles right now heading to dinner. See you tomorrow night hopefully.

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