Home from the Hospital

March 22, 2010

We finally have some good news to tell everyone.  They did the AFI (Amniotic Fluid Index) this afternoon and she was stable with no signs of Preterm Labor so they sent us home!  I really feel like we won a small battle and it means that Joshua still has a chance of making it, however small.  The window is not shut yet and we will keep pursuing it as long as we can.  Kelli is now at home on bedrest.  She can only get out of bed to go to the bathroom, take a shower and eat.  I think sitting on the couch in the living room is ok as well.  She cannot be on her feet for very long and she definitely CANNOT pick up matthew.  Thankfully my mom is here for us when we need her.  And my uncle Pat and aunt Mitzi (the relatives we are currently living with) have been awesome through all of our trials.  They have been a HUGE blessing through all the craziness.

We have a couple appointments this week, one with our general OB on wednesday and with the main pediatric surgeon at UNM Hospital on thursday.  We also are still waiting to hear from Dr. Crombleholm at the Fetal Care Center of Cincinnati.  Our specialist talked with him this weekend and found out that he is out of town this whole week and told us that he will call us next week.  More waiting…Crazy.

We had any appointment today with our specialist to do an AFI again.  She said although it appears that the bag of waters has resealed, once it has ruptured, it can have a weak spot and to be very careful.  She also did a quick assessment of Joshua.  This week it appeared that the fluid inside Joshua’s chest and abdomen has continued to decrease and is much better than he showed just a few weeks ago.  Also, she did not notice any edema in his arm either.  Another “positive” is that there has been no further lung compression.  It has been stable for a couple weeks now.  So, we went away from this appointment with little positives which is a huge improvement on the way things have been going for us.

Thanks for all your prayers and please continue.  We won some small battles today but we have a huge mountain still in front of us.


2 Responses to “Home from the Hospital”

  1. Mary Campbell said

    I am so glad to hear some good news. Matthew was sure excited to see both of you today! Perhaps he will now feel like things are a little bit back to normal…whatever that is…now that you are back home. He has handled things fairly well considering the situation. I love being his Nene! He is my sweetie pie! Little Joshua is my sweetie pie too! I love watching him kick and move in Kelli’s tummy. He is a fighter! And he already has such a cute personality! It’s amazing what you can see and learn about him from all the pictures the doctors take every week. I continue to pray for that miracle. God can do anything if it is in His will! So my prayer is that He will do a might work in Joshua’s life and in those that love him! Mom

  2. Paul Kent said

    Jeff and Kelli,

    That is great to hear some good news. We have been praying for you a lot and will continue to do so. I know it’s hard to find joy in suffering, but we serve a good God and he will bless us. If we can respond in faith in the hard circumstances, how much easier will it be when things are back to “normal”. Thank you for your updates, and we will keep praying!

    In Christ, Paul and Nicole Kent

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