Joshua’s Status

March 26, 2010

So, today was a good day for Joshua.  He has beat all expectations so far and has somewhat stabilized.  He is however very fragile and everything can change in a second so he definitely needs constant prayer.  His numbers look pretty good so far.  Most of the day they gave him about 25% pure oxygen although they have had to turn it up to about 33% because of a blood gas test that was a little worse.  He is currently on a high frequency oscillatory ventilator at an amplitude of 13 hertz (started out on 11), he has several monitors on to monitor his heart rate, temperature, blood pressure and oxygen saturation in his blood.  His saturation levels are at about 80-85 which is to be expected with the combination of AV Canal Defect (Heart) and CDH.  He also has an IV where they are giving him his nutrition.  They are going to monitor him for a few days before discussing surgery to repair the CDH.

A couple of bumps in the road have also come today.  It looks like he has a perforation in his intestine somewhere that has allowed some “stuff” to escape into places that “it” shouldn’t be.  This has created something called a pseudo cyst in which the body has shielded the “stuff” off from the rest of the body by building something like a wall around it.  This will have to be removed sometime in the near future as the doctors are not able to feed him through his stomach as this would obviously not be good for him.  It is not life-threatening at this point but it will definitely have to be dealt with by removing the “bad” portions of intestine.

The other bump is that when the nurses were sucking out the fluid in his lungs, blood came up with it.  This is not good but so far this has not been consistent.  There are many reasons that there would be blood collecting in the lung, none of which are good but just less bad.  The doctors are going to monitor this and try to narrow this down.  Last time they tried to drain the lungs, there was not near as much blood so this is good.

We will see how he does in the next couple days and I will update when I know more.  Just keep praying.  Joshua is a champ in my eyes just showing how much of a fighter he really is and shocking all the doctors.  That makes me feel at least a little better.  Hopefully tomorrow is just as good a day.


One Response to “Joshua’s Status”

  1. Keep fighting for your precious boy. We will be praying for you and him. I read about your boy’s fight for life from Brad Roekle on FB. I am a Special Needs Pastor in pasadena, CA. I know of a couple of families who have been in the same position as you have been. Will be praying for God’s wisdom and guidance and peace for you both.

    Julie Keith

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