Bad Night

March 27, 2010

Joshua didn’t do so good last night.  They came to our room about 2:30am and told us to go see him.  When we got there, he was on full life support and still his blood oxygen saturation was decreasing rapidly.  The doctors acted quickly with meds and other techniques and somehow were able to get him stable.  We had our hands on Joshua as much as we could and I think that helped as well.  He’s a fighter but there are so many issues with him the doctors are doing a balancing act of keeping him at levels he should be at.  They keep running into more issues and continuously adapt their techniques and the meds they give him.  So far he hasn’t had to have any blood pressure meds or nitric oxide but they did have to give him some morphine because he was seeming in pain.  Plus, he was moving a lot and they needed to sedate him somewhat to control the oxygen/carbon dioxide levels in his lungs and blood.  Anyway, I am about to head back in to the NICU now for the doctors rounds and will update as I can.  Please pray for Kelli’s recovery as well.  I think I have had 3 hours of sleep total at different times with Kelli getting only a little more than me so pray for our energy levels.


3 Responses to “Bad Night”

  1. nicolle said

    many prayers for your family!

  2. Tracy Meats said

    Praying for Joshua…stay strong little guy! Praying for Kelli’s recovery too…try to get some rest and I know that is easier said than done. He needs both his parents strong and fighting with him.

    Hope Joshua has a STRONG and GOOD day.

    Tracy, Ian’s mom from CHERUBS

  3. Loretta Lamb said

    We’re praying constantly. So thankful the staff came to get you. He knows you’re there for him and he’s comforted. Praying his day is better and that you both get your much needed rest.

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