Joshua’s Baptism

March 27, 2010

Anyone who wants to come visit Joshua, he is not doing well and the doctors have relaxed the rules in the NICU for visitors.  We are having a baptism for him at around 3 or 4pm today in particular that I have asked my grandfather to perform.  We aren’t sure how much time he will have but the doctors are not expecting him to get stable enough to have surgery to repair the diaphragm. There are just too many issues that are working against each other on top of being 10 weeks premature.  The doctors haven’t totally given up on him but he is just not showing any signs of recovery from the last setback.  There are additional problems that they have found and would require another major surgery.  I will post in detail about all this (maybe write a book haha) when I have the time and energy.  Please pray for guidance on what Kelli and I should do if we are forced to make a decision.  We already have told the neonatologists that we do not want them to resuscitate him if he does go into cardiac arrest or his lungs collapse or something along those lines.  He has fought hard thus far and we are very proud of him.


9 Responses to “Joshua’s Baptism”

  1. Beth Brown said

    Hey guys…

    I have been exactly where you are…the tears are pouring out remembering just how horrible it is. There is nothing worse than a doctor looking at you and telling you your baby will probably die. I hope that you pay attention to the spirit around you…journal each and every experience as soon as you can. Obviously…we hope that there is a miraculous turn around, but we are here for you.

    Kyle and I are happy to help with anything we can. If you just need to call us and cry…let us know. We can do anything you need.

    May the wings of our Angel be there holding your hands to support you.

    YOU SHOULD, CONTACT NILMDTS (Now I lay me down to sleep, immediately). They will come do a wonderful photography session for you for free…no matter what the result becomes. All the pictures, DVD, photographer, everything is free. If you give me your info I can send them there as I know you are very busy right now.

  2. nicolle said

    ((HUGS)) I have been in your shoes too…take lots of pictures, like Beth said contact NILMDTS. Still praying for Joshua and hoping that he can make a turn around. Thinking of you!

  3. Loretta Lamb said

    I am so sorry to read this. I pray that God will give you the wisdom of what to do and when.

  4. Lisa Sylvester said

    You have good reason to be proud of your son. He has fought hard. You are in our prayers, rest in the Holy Spirit to give you just what you need when you need it. Give Kelly our love.

  5. Candice Hunt said

    Prayers being sent your way!!!!! All cdh babies are fighters, dont loose hope, cause we are NOT!!!! And you hang in there Little Joshua!!!

    CHERUBS Member

  6. Having been in your spot just 2 short weeks ago it sounds like you are doing everything right. I’m sure Joshua is so proud of you. I agree, pictures & writing will be SO important no matter how this goes.

    Alicia & I are keeping you in our prayers. Be good to yourselves & each other. Praying for your miricle…

    Angel Cherub Jayden’s Mom Alicia & Grandma Shelly

  7. Tracy Meats said

    Praying for you and the strength to make today’s decisions. Always follow your heart and cherish every moment with your precious son. Joshua you have amazed me with your will and fight and we are praying for you!


  8. Jennifer Tenney said

    Praying for you all!!!!!!! I know you are so very proud of your little fighter … be proud of yourselves too … what wonderful parents and family he has! Hugs,
    Mom to Dakota 12-25-2008

  9. Shelly Moore said

    Please forgive if this a duplicate posting – not sure the 1st one went through.

    Having been only 2 short weeks since we were in the same situation our hearts are aching that another family is having to go through this anguish. Please know Alicia & I are keeping your family in our prayers and hoping for your miricle and to give you peace & comfort as you go through this difficult time.

    You have so much to be proud of how hard Joshua has fought & we’re sure Joshua is proud at how strong you have been for him. Be sure to take care of yourselves too for him & your other special little one.

    We agree with the others the others about pictures & journeling. It will be SO important in the days ahead which ever direction it may go.

    With kindest wishes,
    Angel Cherub Jayden’s Mom Alicia & Grandma Shelly

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