Joshua is very critical

March 28, 2010

Joshua has been for the most part stable up until this morning around 5am.  The doctors have seen his ph level drop consistently for the past 12 hours and it was starting to drop very low.  This means that his blood was becoming acidic and if it continues to drop, he would not make it as very acidic blood is not conducive to life.  The doctor let us know that he wasn’t sure if Joshua would even make it for another hour but then he rallied back and his ph levels have increased a little after they gave Joshua a dose of Dopamine to counteract the ph levels.  He is still here but he has a growing list of problems.  To update everyone, here is a list of the current problems:

1.  AV Canal Defect (Hole in the Heart)

2.  Right Sided Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (Liver, one kidney and bowels in the right side of his chest, the heart is shifted over basically up against the left wall of his chest)

3.  Meconium Peritonitis and Pseudo Cyst (Perforation of the bowel with a cyst built up around part of the bowel in order to protect the body from the baby poop that has entered his abdomen)

4.  Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome)

5.  Pulmonary hypoplasia (Growth issues)

6.  Pulmonary Hypertension (High Blood Pressure of the lungs)

7.  Pulmonary Hemorrhage (Bleeding in the lungs)

7.  Premature by 10 weeks

8.  Low ph in the blood

9.  Unstable Blood Gases (Varying Carbon Dioxide levels from the highest of 89 to right now 45)

10.   Jaundice

The doctors are going to do several tests to check liver and kidney function as well as keep an eye on his blood gases and ph levels.

This is an hour-by-hour thing and they are watching him very close.  The short-run plan is to keep him going until tomorrow in which case we will talk with the surgeon about the diaphragmatic hernia repair and see what he thinks about how the surgery would go.  It is in that fine line where we weigh the benefits of surgery (all three surgeries) with the best possible outcome for Joshua.  Since he will require so much surgery, it is highly unlikely that he would survive to a point that he could recover.  At this point, surgery or transporting him to Cincinnati is not an option because he is so unstable just laying there he would surely pass away.  He is very sensitive to any movement, so much so that when they flip him over onto his back or stomach, his numbers drop and he does not tolerate it well at all.

At this point, please pray that God would give us clear direction on what to do for him.  Pray that if Joshua is not going to make it through the repairs, that he would let us know.  Pray that if Joshua can recover, that he will give us the confidence that he actually can make it through the surgery.  This is a very very difficult time for us so please pray that we can hold it together to the very end.  Thanks for all the prayers and visits by everyone that has been able to make it out.  I will post pictures and video of Joshua’s Baptism that my Grandfather performed on him yesterday.  That was such a special time for everyone.  Matthew finally got to meet his brother which almost caused me to have a breakdown right there (barely managed to keep myself together).  That was so awesome and special to us.  Thanks for all the comments and although we have not been able to comment back, we take comfort in your kind words and advice.  Please keep us in our prayers.


5 Responses to “Joshua is very critical”

  1. Beth Brown said

    I love the scripture from Joshua 1:9. Do not be fear…for what happens is Gods will, and his angels will give you comfort through surgery, or whatever comes your way.

    We are praying for you, and so are our friends.

    Kyle and Beth Brown
    (friends of Mary)

  2. Tracy Meats said

    Praying for strength for your family….always follow your heart. Joshua knows he is surrounded by much love and is thankful to have such caring parents. Praying for Joshua.


  3. Loretta Lamb said

    Praying that God speaks very clearly as to what He wants for Joshua. Constantly praying for you and your family. May God wrap you in His arms and surround you with comfort and peace.

  4. Mary McManus said

    Our prayers are with your family and Joshua. Our grandson (Ryan) lost his battle with CDH here on earth, but boy did he win overall. He now sits with Jesus and all the other babies who went to heaven. May God guide and direct you, God sent a messenger to tell me to let Ryan go cause he was suffering. And when I realized it was from God, I threw my hands up to the sky, dropped to my knees and cried..I know we are being selfish Lord, but ok… when I got back to the NICU, Ryan was gone to heaven. So let God do his work, and remember either way, Joshua wins!GOD BLESS>

  5. nicolle said

    Thinking of you and your family. Joshua is surrounded by love and he knows that! You are amazing parents, lean on each other and talk about things. Sending you love and hugs

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