Surgeon Update

March 29, 2010

It seems that everyone is more cautiously optimistic today about Joshua.  His numbers have been fairly stable for about 24 hours now and I hope he continues to be stable and even maybe take a step in the direction of improvement.  The surgeon Dr. Lemon came in and talked to me to update me on his thoughts about Joshua.  What he stated was that he won’t even think about surgery to correct the Diaphragmatic Hernia for 2 weeks.  He said right now Joshua is too unstable to survive a traumatic surgery.  Also, he won’t do surgery until he is off the NO (Nitric Oxide they are giving him to dilate the lungs to help him pull in more oxygen because of his pulmonary hypertension ) and he has been take off the High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilator and put on a standard ventilator.  For Joshua, this will be a huge step if he can even get there.  This will show everyone that he has recovered some and that he has enough strength to get through surgery.  If he does this then his chance of the surgery being a success are reasonable.

After the recovering from the diaphragmatic hernia repair, Dr. Lemon will then attempt the surgery to fix his bowels.  He said that this surgery is a tough one and it really makes the kids very sick.  They often will have swelling and need blood transfusions.  He also said that depending on the amount of damaged bowels, he might have to complete it in 2 surgeries.  From there, they will send us either to Presbyterian Hospital where the only pediatric heart surgeon in the state of NM resides or they will send us to Stanford University in central/northern CA for the heart surgery.

Overall, Dr. Lemon was pretty optimistic about the chances of possibly repairing the diaphragm.  However, in order to do surgery, Joshua will have to perform well to become much more stable with much less support.  Please pray that Joshua will continue to improve in such a way that the doctors can even start thinking about surgery.


6 Responses to “Surgeon Update”

  1. CWeaver5485 said

    This is good news! One step at a time …Joshua is a little fighter ! May God continue to give him the strength he needs to get through this each day goes by he gets stronger and stronger. My daughter was a premie and weighed 3 pounds, its amazing how well they do and Joshua is proving that each day. I pray he gains enough strength to first stablize and then take one step at a time to correct all that needs to be corrected.

  2. Loretta Lamb said

    Glad to hear some optimism! Yay Joshua! Keep fighting buddy! God is truly on your side and carrying you and your parents through this journey.

    Love you lots,


  3. Charlotte Chilvers said

    This is wonderful news to hear today. I know how tough this has been for Jeff, Kelli and Matthew. Here’s a saying that I saw on a board outside of a church in Riverside…….
    The Lord did not promise that life would be easy, but he did promise to go with you, every step of the way……….
    This is very true! Keep up the good work Joshua, we all love you.
    In His Name…

  4. Lisa Sylvester said

    It sounds like God has given you a wise doctor. He really is putting Joshua first and not expecting the little guy to do more than he can. Make sure you and Kelly get some rest. You need your strength to give strength to Joshua. Love ya guys.

  5. Reno and Penny Salazar said

    The thoughts and prayers of our Bible group are with your family and Joshua. We ask that God give you the strength to carry you through all that is ahead. There is a very special reason He gave this tiny precious baby boy to you and Kelli…trust Him to be your guide every step of the way. Hope and love from Colorado.

  6. nicolle said

    He is doing so well! Kasey took 20 some days to come off Nitric and never came off the oscillating vent. Keep it up little man!!

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