Day 4 of Joshua’s life

March 30, 2010

Last night was another uneventful night, which is a good night for us!  This morning we went to see him and be there for rounds (Doctors get together to discuss Joshua and the plan for the day).  The main doctor told us that she is happy with his improvement and “stability” but that she is very worried about the long road that he has and the many surgeries that he will have to overcome in order to come home with us.  We have to keep praying and not lose sight of this fact!  I feel so sorry for him in that he will be going through some very painful times in order to recover.  Sometimes I wonder if the pain is all worth it.  We love him very much and we want the best for him.  We both feel horrible about the fact that we can’t do anything for him really besides be there for him, talking to him and put our hands on him for comfort.  This is just so disgusting to me to see my son in this way.  Sure he looks great on the outside (minus all the tubes) but on the inside, he is jacked up.  This is why it is easy to get overly optimistic.  But Kelli and I are just taking the good moments while we can and love on him as much as possible.  My heart is broken for him.  I really wish I could trade places with him.  He is too tiny and innocent to have to go through this from the very beginning!

Alright, on to Joshua.  He is doing well and his numbers look a little better than they did yesterday.  The doctors are weening him off the Nitric Oxide and he so far has been able to stay pretty consistent.  This is his first test to see if he will be strong enough to have the diaphragm repair surgery.  Other than that, the doctors will continue to monitor his blood gases (Check O2, CO2, ph, etc. in his blood) and continue to xray his chest to monitor his lung function.  Today the nurse suctioned out his lungs and there was more blood than usual that came out.  They have been getting some blood out of his lungs for a while but it was dying down until today.  The doctors checked his blood for clotting agents and they were at normal levels which means the bleeding in the lungs is most likely from pulmonary hemorrhage.  That is why they got xrays of his chest to see how he is doing.  So, all in all, he had a pretty quiet day yesterday and so far today.  So far so good.


5 Responses to “Day 4 of Joshua’s life”

  1. Kristy said

    Thank you for posting updates regularly! My husband and I have grown very attached to your family and send lots of hugs to you all!!!

  2. Shelly Moore said

    Still praying for Joshua & your family. Stay strong & keep loving Joshua and each other!

  3. Jennifer Tenney said

    One day at a time, Joshua is showing everyone that he is a strong little fighter. I know what it is like to see your baby lie in a hospital bed and fight a war that no adult should have to fight and not being able to do anything about it, the good thing is that babies are so resilient, so strong. Dakota doesn’t ever show me that she remembers her hospital stay, except in her strength and feisty personality and wise eyes. I think their soul remembers, in a good way, but their bodies heal.
    Keep fighting Joshua!
    Mom to Dakota 12-25-2008
    RCDH/Premie/ECMO survivor

  4. Brandee Glover said

    Thinking of you and your family! From having a CDH baby I know the feelings you are going through. Keep your head up! I hope Joshua continues to have good days!

  5. Laura Spees said


    Be comforted that Joshua is in Gods hands. Focus only on today. If you worry yourself about tomorrow you are going to drive your self crazy. Tomorrow will work itself out on it’s own. You are exactly where you are ment to be today, placing your hands on your son and watching a miracle. God has a plan for ths little warrior of yours you can be sure of that.

    Thank you for your daily posts. I am glad to be able to witness this miracle through our writings.

    Love to you and Kelli and baby Joshua


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