Some photos

March 31, 2010


10 Responses to “Some photos”

  1. Tracy Meats said

    LOVE to see you are taking pictures!! Take lots of pictures. I found leaving a disposable camera by the bedside for the nurses to use worked when we were not there and something happened or a first happened and we either sleeping or taking a break. Praying for Joshua…he has one amazing will to fight. That is great the nurses are moving him around into different positions.

    Keep fighting Joshua!!

    Tracy, Ian’s mom from CHERUBS

  2. Andrea Bundy said

    Jeff and Kelli, it’s a blessing to see these sweet pictures of little Joshua. He’s so cute. My husband and I are praying for him and all of you. In this difficult time, your courage and faith are an inspiration to us. I know the Lord’s hands are wrapped around his little body constantly.
    Love you guys,

  3. Tammy deQuack said

    Just wanted to let you know that we are continuously praying for all of you. God will give you the strength, even when you think you have nothing left. You have a beautiful baby boy!

  4. Kristy said

    LOVE the little baby toes!!!!

  5. HShaner said

    These are so precious.

  6. Lisa Sylvester said

    Is Joshua cute or what??? Love the foot picture. Love and prayers for all around Joshua and him too.

  7. christy adkins (from cherubs) said

    Joshua is beautiful. You must be so proud of your little CDH warrior! My prayers will be with you all.

  8. nicolle said

    He is so cute! ((HUGS))

  9. Lisa Thibeau said

    He’s so beautiful! I guess I can see beyond the tape and equipment having been there myself.

    I know that right now you guys are going through HELL! Take it one day at a time. Cry if you need to. Lean on each other for support. Remember that everyone with Cherubs is praying and pulling for you.

    No matter what happens Joshua will change your life forever. He will be a blessing to you and your family.

    God Bless!

  10. Lisa Thibeau said

    By the way we went through 38 rolls of film in the 2 months of NICU with Adam. Even though my Cherub survived I cherish those pictures. They remind me of how difficult it was and helps me put todays hard times in perspective.

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