Joshua is a Week Old Today

April 3, 2010

Joshua has hung in there longer than anyone has expected and is doing fairly well on just the standard vent.  His oxygen requirement is around usually 40% but was as low as 29% today.  That sounds pretty good comparatively.  We also both got to hold him today.  I was able to hold him for about 30 minutes or so and Kelli held him for about an hour until he couldn’t handle it as far as his stats go.  I got more pictures and video of it so I will post as soon as I get time.

We received some very disheartening news this afternoon from the Cardiologist here at UNM.  He contacted Cincinnati today to go over Joshua and see what they recommend regarding Joshua’s treatment.  After going through it with them, Cincinnati told him that they would not recommend treatment either as Joshua’s Pulmonary Hypertension is too severe and he would not survive because of this reason.  So, that leaves us at a major turning point.  Kelli and I are talking and I am quizzing doctors on why this is and the actual hard facts and numbers to prove to me that this is in fact the case.  I just can’t understand why this is and want a good explanation.

So please pray for us all.  We have to make some very difficult decisions in the very near future, some decisions that parents should never have to make.  If everyone is telling us that the heart condition in combination with the pulmonary hypertension is too much to fix, including one of the best facilities in the world, then why put him through 2 to 3 very torturous and painful surgeries just to not be able to fix his heart successfully.  It breaks my heart to see Joshua fight so hard just to get this news now.  This is the most difficult time of our lives and we need a ton of prayer right now.  We love Joshua very much and want only the best for him.  He is a warrior and has touched so many lives even though he is tiny and has not been on this earth long.


6 Responses to “Joshua is a Week Old Today”

  1. Loretta Lamb said

    I have no words…I’m just praying for a miracle and for God’s love to envelop you and give you comfort and peace. Praying for God to speak to you directly for the decision He has for Joshua. I love you all.

  2. Linda Mages said

    Certainly our prayers continue… May God strengthen and sustain you all… Joshua Levi is a beautiful baby that is impacting MANY lives!! His strength and desire to overcome all the odds so far, is awe-inspiring… and each breath he takes, and each heartbeat… is a precious miracle.. and an example to us all, to never give up… for what is impossible with man, is possible with God. “But Jesus looked at them and said to them, ‘With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible’.” Matt. 19:26

    Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer of faith will save the sick, and the Lord will raise him up…” James 5:14-15

    I love you.

  3. Kathy L said

    My heart is aching for you. Praying for peace and wisdom….that is beyond comprehension. I know this may sound weird, but my concern is much more for you than it is for little Joshua. I know that God is holding him and his angels are comforting and that know matter what happens, Joshua Levi will and does know that he is loved and cared for by not only his parents but also his heavenly father. I pray that you will also have that peace and knowledge.

  4. Colleen Surma said

    We’re praying for you guys! What a testimony your faith is!

  5. nicolle said

    ((HUGS)) I am so sorry that you have to make these choices. I know nothing will make it better, but we too had to make that choice for Kasey. you are always in my thoughts and prayers.
    I am glad that you got to hold your sweet boy today.

    I am not sure if when they baptized him they did an anointing of the sick…

  6. Sharon said

    Precious ones, you, like myself, have done all “we” can do. Let God work. If that means he takes him soon, then that is His will. But ENJOY your litle one. Hold him, sing to him, and, yes, laugh with him Let him feel your joy coming him and surrounding him. Life isn’t fair but you have been given a few tender moments with your bundle of love that many others can never have. As a mom of a 42 yr. old Downs with brittle diabetes, we are facing several struggles now. I investigate, study, make phone calls, etc., but finally I just give it to my God. He is always there, giving me strength I never knew I had. The tears still flow (and I’ve sobbed for you and Joshua) but I know Gary and Joshua will be perfect in Heaven, with no ain and suffering, and I will see my guy soon. May the peace that passes all understanding suround you and Kelli(and family) . Blessings to a family who is a sweet fragrance to our Lord. Sharon

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