Official Opinion from UNM

April 10, 2010

Finally today I received a letter from UNM regarding their opinion on Joshua which concisely states that they do not recommend going down the road of surgery because of his complex nature.  I am finally getting really tired because of the constant battle we are going through daily in combination with the major emotional ups and downs that come with the territory.  But I will hang in there until the end.

Cincinnati had a conference regarding Joshua and I have been given an email that very concisely states their opinion as well.  It is not official documentation because the doctors from Cincinnati are working on it but at least it gives us something.  Their opinion is very puzzling in a way because the email is solely on the heart.  Plus, it reads like it is based on a very fundamental idea and it is hotly debated by the UNM doctors.  Basically, the 2 opinions come down to whether the pulmonary hypertension will resolve itself based on where the lungs are in the transition between life inside the womb and life outside the womb.  I will put the two opinions on here once I actually get the official word from Cincinnati for you guys to read.

Please pray for guidance, strength, and pray that Joshua will not suffer.  I hope we get the official word soon because poor Joshua is just laying in the bed with all the tubes in him and a constant dose of pain meds that make him very lethargic.  It really is hard to see him stay the same day after day and it is super hard from a parent’s perspective since we can do nothing to take that pain away.  Please pray that we can get all the info and we can then make an informed decision that is best for Joshua.  This is an insane situation and it is very draining.  Sorry for the short blogs but this last week was just nuts with doctors coming in all the time and giving us bits of news(which is frustrating when you want ALL the news).  I haven’t had much time to do anything but discuss this with docs and Kelli, hold Joshua and sleep when I can.  Thanks for your support!


4 Responses to “Official Opinion from UNM”

  1. Nicolle said

    many prayers, thinking of you and your family.

  2. Hopie said

    Don’t give up EVER!!! My CHERUB is 8 years old now. You have love and support coming to you from my family here in Utah. Keep praying, put your faith in God and do the very best you can. You guys can do this. Your son is the most important thing right now, getting the absolute best care for him is your priority. Stay strong. YOU CAN DO THIS. Don’t give in, ever, ever, ever. *hugs and loves*

    Hope Clyde, St.George, UT

  3. Jonna said

    Still praying for you guys.

  4. Loretta Lamb said

    When you can elaborate on the debate…does Cinci think they could have a good result? Prayers for you always.

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