This blog is for our unborn baby Joshua Levi.  He is faced with many defects and needs our prayers.  Joshua means “God rescues.”  This is his story.


6 Responses to “About”

  1. Mary Pendergrass said

    Beautiful, his story and his pictures Jeff. You keep this up for him and be his voice. God bless you and Kelli. We love you and support you in all that you do and have to do.

  2. Everyone at HMCG said

    We are all praying for you! God be with you!

  3. Raquel said

    Found this on the prayer wall; Joshua has two very incredible parents! My prayers are with your family.I pray God will grant you the peace during life’s storms. God Bless you!

  4. Brandee Glover said

    My thought are with you and your family! I had a CDH baby on 2-2-09 that was undiagnosed until birth, I dont know what you are going through now but do know what you will be. I will be thinking of your family!

  5. hi there;

    my son’s name is Joshua. I am writing you because of that and our ministry is bringing kids to know Jesus and reach out the family to Jesus for 16 years within my childcare business.

    my heart goes with your family. let me tell you something about the name “Joshua”, God of salvation or rescuer, he is smart, not just funny but very funny, love to read his bible, very strong, knows how to win when it comes to sport or competition, loves fish, love asian food, love to pray, love to read books than playing toys, likes to cuddle with mommy before going to bed, he prays all the time for his dad’s skin problem,he wants to be a missionary someday,….these are Joshua’s some great characters. I pray that someday soon, you will find these things in your beautiful son JOSHUA and discver more. Be courageous and be strong..our God is strong TOWER!!!

    peace be with you…the hassel family

  6. Great Aunt Carol Ann said

    I’am Praying so very hard for all of you. God Bless You Both for all you are doing for Joshua. He has fine and induring parents that Love him enough to let him go. No more Pain. He Loves both of you. A child knows his parents. The parents have a smell that their Child knows, just as a Baby has his own smell that a parent knows. Smell his head, I know you have already done this. This will last a life time, his sent. Even know when I cut mu son’s hair they have their own sent from the scalp oils and all. Kiss Joshua for me Great Aunt Carol Ann. I Love him and we have not been introduced in person. He has a great spiritI feel it from here. Love and Blessings to you all!!!

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